Nádia Figueiredo, brazilian singer and songwriter was born in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais.
She started singing and playing popular guitar at the age of 10, and was soon participating in music festivals at school, and winning awards with songs of her own...

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There is an amazing talent from Brazil - Nadia Figueiredo! Beautiful artist with beautiful voice!!! She is one of those bright people, ones you see- you will not forget!

Anna NetrebkoSoprano Russa

When I first heard the soprano Nádia Figueiredo sing, I was as excited as an Astroscientist who had just discovered a new star in the sky. She has a voice of great talent and originality. I sincerely believe that she will capture the heats of millions.

Joel SpielgemanThe american pianist, conductor, harpsichordist, composer, author and teacher.

I feel very happy and with an immense joy to visit Brazil again. I had the pleasure of collaborating with Nadia in two recordings and it was beautiful the result.
I thank her with all my heart for trusting me and for choosing me as a professional partner for a wonderful tour in her country. It will be a unique and unforgettable experience.

Plácido Domingos Jr.Singer, composer and producer

In the High Arctic we travel light. Every single gram counts. We can only carry the essentials that are critical for survival: matches, ropes, ice crampons... and Nadia's voice. In the blizzard, in the storm, on the roaring sea we depend on it because it helps us survive and move forward

Galya MorrellRussian Polar Explorer, Adventure Artist, Author.

A shining diamond, that would be the best definition for the incredible and innovative career Nádia introduces us to. The audocious performer brings youth and beauty, together with the ability to sing the languages of the world. English, Italian, Russian, Hebrew. She delights us with a very innovative and exciting work.

Emerson MuzeliTv and Movie director


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